About Risa Booze, Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Teacher

Risa Booze, Pilates Instructor, Boulder, Colorado

Risa Booze began her study of Pilates with Matt Enos in 1998 and Pat Guyton and Ron Fletcher in 1999. She completed a course of study with Pat Guyton in 2001 and began teaching Pilates in her business, VitalMotion, LLC.  Risa completed the Ron Fletcher Program of Study in 2003. She has attended numerous Ron Fletcher workshops in Boulder CO, Denver CO, Tucson, AZ and Vail CO and attended a 10 day Intensive Program in July 2002 in Denver CO as part of the process of certification with Ron Fletcher. She has  attended many Pilates Method Alliance conferences .

Since completing her initial program of study, Risa continues to expand her experience of Pilates by attending workshops with many accomplished teachers including Amy Taylor Alpers, Rachel Taylor Segal, Michele Larrson, Marie Jose Blum, Kim Haroche, Amy Anderson, Irene Dowd and Debora Kolway and attended two Anatomy Trains workshops with Carrie Gaynor.    In 2013 she completed the Kathy Stanford Grant Heritage Training with Cara Reeser.

Risa is a member of The Ron Fletcher Company and The Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and in 2009 passed the PMA Certification Exam. She maintains active licensure as a registered nurse in the state of Colorado.

Risa’s interest in movement began in high school when she studied with Anne Duncan and Qwindo’s Window Dance Theatre in her native Maryland. She continued dancing and moving throughout her life including performing with The Jane Brown Company and studying with the Oakland Ballet in Oakland CA. After moving to Boulder her focus changed and she began avidly running, cross-country skiing, spinning, lifting and practicing yoga and Pilates. She completed the Tucson Marathon in 1998 fulfilling her goals of: moving the whole time, finishing in under 4:45 hours and enjoying herself the whole time. A life achievement! In 2001, she completed the American Birkebeiner’s half-marathon ski, the Kordelopet.

Risa’s professional career in nursing and as a certified nurse midwife spanned twenty wonderful years. “The process of caring for women over the life span brought humility, humor and caring to a new level for me and I hope to bring that experience into my teaching of Pilates. My enjoyment of movement, coupled with my professional background, allows me to share movement in a healing way. Not just physically,but through the mind, body, spirit and breath.”


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